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Maggie’s Merseyside at Clatterbridge, Wirral

Antithesis of a hospital’s sprawling oncology units

Credit: Luke Hayes

Carmody Groarke for Maggie Keswick Jencks Cancer Caring Centres Trust (Maggie’s)
GIA: 117m²
Small Project of the Year

This temporary building, although unobtrusively placed in the far corner of a car park in this top cancer centre on the Wirral peninsular, is far from retiring.  Vertical sheets of industrial GRP cladding approached by a long ramp suggest something special – perhaps technical or art installation? But the fact is this beautiful little Maggie’s Centre is a collection of cabins, a secondhand enclosure from the London Olympics exhibition, a concoction of scaffolding tubes, some industrial cladding and cheap internal fluted fibreboard.

  • Credit: Luke Hayes
  • Credit: Luke Hayes
  • Credit: Luke Hayes
  • Credit: Luke Hayes
  • Credit: Luke Hayes
  • Credit: Luke Hayes

So how is the building quite so elegant and refined? Carmody Groarke explained in poetic terms that though it had little to work with, the overriding objective was a sense of calm and repose for the user and a place to contemplate and enjoy nature in peace. This has been achieved at a tenth of what would normally be an acceptable budget for such a project.

Internally, spaces lead seamlessly through to the fulcrum (re-used exhibition module) with an all-glass wall looking directly over a small corner of countryside – the antithesis of a hospital’s sprawling oncology units. The question remains, just how temporary should such a building be? Surely if the siting and the architecture is appropriate and successful then this little gem deserves to survive its transitory planned life span.

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