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Garrett Nagorzanski captures the certainty of a building painting confidently in colourful oil

Jan-Carlos Kucharek

Oil on panel, used by Garrett Nagorzanski to propose a revitalisation of a Cuban film school, wins Eye Line 2024 commendation

Dirubean Caustics I. Oil on panel 1247 x 917mm.
Dirubean Caustics I. Oil on panel 1247 x 917mm. Credit: Garrett Nagorzanski

Commended, Student
Garrett Nagorzanski
University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA

Dirubean Caustics explores a proposed revitalisation of an existing international film school in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. Inspired by the harsh sunlight, warm palette and tropical wilderness enveloping the existing site, these panels reimagine the architectural vision behind the school. Nagorzanski chooses to use the medium of oil to maintain a distance between his ideation of the design and nailing its colours to the post.

For Wigglesworth, the mode of representation suggested layers of the past ‘reminding me of billboards that have been torn away to reveal the ads beneath it,’ while Kucharek found its volumes ‘sun-soaked, as if the oil painting itself is melting’. Ramstad too enjoyed the ‘confident use of colour for atmosphere Against the artist’s own claims, Chou felt ‘he’s captured the certainty of a building, which is not very common in student work, and I enjoy that.'


Dirubean Caustics II. Oil on panel 763x788
Dirubean Caustics II. Oil on panel 763x788 Credit: Garrett Nagorzanski