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Bartlett students show their work

From bio-suits to spaces between film set and reality, to proposals for future Dubai and historic Turin

Fictional Constructs, Kairo Baden Powell, year 5.
Ivrea Natural History Museum, Kirsty Williams, year 5.
Materialising Ghosts, Richard Northcroft, year 5.
Field Research Community, Joe Paxton, year 5.
FIAT – Mirafiori, Installation, Alastair Browning, year 5.
Dubai Ampitheatre, Thomas Hopkins, year 5.
Andermatt Swiss Alps, Sandra Youkhana, year 5.
Agitprop, Liam Davis, year 5.
The legacy of fracking in Blackpool, Jason Lamb, year 5.
Tempelhofer Luftswerk, Jack Holmes, year 5.
Sensing intangibility, Shinnosuke Takayanagi, year 4.
Pontoon for Rio Carnival, Duncan Clover, year 3.