1. Intelligence

Craft and Kalavela combine to guard knowledge

Sonia Magdziarz thinks big with a scheme for protecting global knowledge to take the Silver Medal

4 December 2018

President's Medal 2018

Chris Hildrey's ProxyAddress builds routes back into the system
Justin Bean is Dreaming of Electric Sheep
Rosemary Milne peeps into Species of Nooks and Other Niches

President's Medal 2017

Ultra-modernism and history's record of power
Daniel Hall
Kangli Zheng
Rhiain Bower

More medal material

Conservation work advertises the profession's ingenuity
Roland Karthaus’ design guide is founded on psychology and rehabilitation
Shortlisted: Design and Technical
Shortlisted: History and Theory
George Godwin epitomises the spirit of the annual President’s Award for Research
Let’s bridge the divide between research and practice
IT has lessons for construction procurement
Shell lace structure shortlisted for President’s Awards for Research