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Durability, aesthetics and cost: flooring prices for specifiers

James Garner and Nicola Sharkey

Many factors need to be considered when specifying flooring, including the critical cost per m2. Gleeds offers some procurement pointers

Selecting suitable floor finishes is crucial for any project to ensure durability and create the desired atmosphere. Whether for residential, commercial or another setting, a wide variety of floor types are available to suit the nature of the project and meet specific needs.

The choice of substrate is equally important for achieving a polished appearance and optimal performance. A good substrate addresses issues like surface irregularities, ensuring a smooth finish.

Considering the heavy use of floors in buildings, it’s essential to assess the whole-life costs, including maintenance and replacement schedules, to make informed selections from the outset. Additionally, factors like acoustics, hygiene, fire safety and heritage concerns may influence decisions, particularly in refurbishment projects.

Various factors affect the cost of floor finishes, such as room shape, quantity, substrate quality and sourcing. Below are indicative rates for the supply and installation of different floor types based on typical tender returns. Please note that prices can vary significantly depending on specifications. 

The following rates are based on the UK average and represent typical prices at Q1 2024.


Floor type 
In situ screed and floor finishes; laid level
Self-levelling latex screed; 3mm thick on existing sub-base prior to receiving floor finishes £12.50-17.50/m²
Cement and sand (1:3) screeds; steel trowelled; 100mm thick £30.00-37.50/m²
Granolithic; laid on green concrete; 38 mm thick £35.00-50.00/m²
Resin; 3-part solvent-system; up to 3mm thick £50.00-65.00/m²
Sheet/board flooring
Chipboard; 18mm-22mm thick chipboard flooring; T&G joints £22.50-30.00/m²
Wrought softwood T&G strip flooring; polished; including fillets £40.00-50.00/m²
Sprung composition block flooring (sports), court markings, sanding and sealing £150.00-225.00/m²
Rigid tile/slab finishes
Quarry tile flooring £140.00-170.00/m²
Glazed ceramic tiled flooring; anti-slip standard plain tiles £60.00-85.00/m²
Glazed ceramic tiled flooring; designer tiles £135.00-175.00/m²
Terrazzo tile flooring 28mm thick white Sicilian marble aggregate tiling £70.00-90.00/m²
York stone 50mm thick paving £220.00-270.00/m²
Slate tiles, smooth; straight cut £110.00-150.00/m²
Portland stone paving £350.00-425.00/m²
Roman Travertine marble paving; polished £350.00-425.00/m²
Granite paving 20mm thick £350.00-425.00/m²
Parquet/wood block finishes; wrought hardwood block floorings; 25 mm thick; polished; T&G joints £210.00-260.00/m²
Flexible tiling; welded sheet or butt joint tiles; adhesive fixing
Vinyl floor tiling; 330mm x 333mm x 2.00mm thick £30.00-50.00/m²
Vinyl safety flooring; 2.00-2.50mm thick £60.00-80.00/m²
Vinyl safety flooring; 3.5mm thick heavy duty £70.00-90.00/m²
Linoleum tile flooring; 333mm x 333mm x 3.20mm thick £55.00-70.00/m²
Linoleum sheet flooring; 2.00mm thick £45.00-55.00/m²
Rubber studded tile flooring; 500mm x 500mm x 2.50mm thick £55.00-70.00/m²
Carpet; including underlay, edge grippers 
Heavy domestic duty £50.00-90.00/m²
Heavy contract duty £60.00-100.00/m²
Entrance matting
Barrier matting with stainless steel frame £500.00-650.00/m²
Access floors
Raised access floors: including 600mm x 600mm steel encased particle boards on height adjustable pedestals 300mm; light/medium grade duty £60.00-90.00/m²
Raised access floors: including 600mm x 600mm steel encased particle boards on height adjustable pedestals 300mm; heavy grade duty £90.00-120.00/m²
Common floor coverings bonded-access floor panels 
Anti-static vinyl £40.00-60.00/m²
Needle punch carpet  £30.00-35.00/m²
James Garner is global head of data and insights and analytics and Nicola Sharkey is UK insights and research lead, both at Gleeds


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