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DO NOT USE Noise from above? Soundproof your ceilings with Oscar Iso-Mount acoustic hangers.

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Millions of properties around the world have been built without adequate sound insulation. Pounding footsteps, booming voices and music generated by noisy upstairs neighbours can impact sleep and even lead to physical and mental health issues.  

If you are struggling with noise from above, the simplest solution is to create an isolated ceiling using Oscar Iso-Mount acoustic hangers. These soundproof ceiling systems from Oscar Acoustics, absorb sound pressure waves and vibrations that cause the transmission of unwelcome noise between floors.

Oscar Iso-Mount benefits include

  • Exceeds British building regulations Document E for airborne and impact sound.
  • Minimum ceiling height loss with Type1 (as little as 5mm).
  • Achieves a fire rating of over 90 minutes where required.
  • Installation is carried out entirely from the room below with no disruption to the floor above.
  • Affordable and easy to install.
  • Height adjustable, allowing for flat ceilings across uneven joists. 
  • Gives the final appearance of a standard plastered ceiling once complete.

The Iso-Mount range is the ideal solution for significantly reducing unwanted noise between floors. Perfect for soundproofing ceilings in houses, flats, conversions and new-builds to commercial spaces such as hotels, offices, shops and restaurants.

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