Specified: Cladding

A walk round four new cladding applications

Credit: Bond Bryan Architects

Curtain walling
Lakesmere North

The £43 million, drum-shaped Factory 2050 houses the UK’s first fully reconfigurable assembly and component manufacture facility – home to The University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing. Lakesmere North’s banging the drum, so to speak, for the curtain walling systems it used here – Jansen Viss Ixtra (steel), and Schueco FW50 and 60+ (aluminium). The giant disk is pretty groovy for a factory, although Charles Holden’s 1932 Arnos Grove Station is still our favourite rotunda, just for the record.


Credit: Steve Townsend

Glazing panels
Brett Martin Daylight Systems

Ribbit software’s new UCMIU (UCouldn’tMakeItUp) module is a must for creating renders to simulate the mess of everyday life. So if you fear planning committees becoming immune to the rhetoric of hyper-reality, apply the UCMIU layer, and Ribbit will put random elements into your final image to add verisimilitude to your scheme. Here, we see a cluster of finishing trade vans around Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR)’s Portsmouth HQ, with four very convincing cones at the fire exits. Yet the Marlon Clickfix1040 glazing panels remain illuminated at full lustre.


Structural glazing

Don’t look so down, Ironman – feet aren’t everything! You managed to get on top of that perforated plinth without losing too many of your rusty strips, didn’t you? Sure, that women on the fourth floor was chuckling at your ferrous ascent, but she’s gone to make a cup of Bovril. So you may as well  look up and try to enjoy the view of Wicona’s WICTEC 50 SG performance structural glazing at Axis Architecture’s mixed-use Velocity Village in Sheffield. And remember, whatever you do, don’t jump! (Not that you could…)


Credit: Harris Associates

Curtain Walling System
Senior Architectural Systems

Have suppliers ever thought of offering Nectar Points with their products? Given the cost of good curtain walling, the development manager of this vast Sainsbury’s at Wadsley Bridge, Sheffield, could surely clear out Argos and Homebase; give his friends and family a day out at Alton Towers and still treat architect Hadfield Cawkwell Davidson to a year’s free lunches at Pizza Express. And this ‘eco’ branch of the supermarket gets points for being the first to feature Senior Architectural’s SF52 structural silicone glazed curtain walling – all shall have prizes!