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RIBAJ Cities Series with AluK - Green Infrastructure

Cities are the new frontier for architects, urban designers, developers, contractors and manufacturers

In association with

In partnership with AluK, the RIBA Journal is organising the City Series where expert panels are joined by an engaged industry audience to discuss and develop solutions to the challenges that all cities must overcome. Our first panel will look at green infrastructure. 

Green Infrastructure

Thursday 9 March

18.00 – 21.00

AluK Design Studio, 5-11 Worship Street, EC2A 2AB Map...

Major developments and minor interventions rely increasingly on the public realm to deliver on wellbeing and value. From strategy to Section 106, cities are demanding better spaces and the positive benefits of green infrastructure can be felt across society as the hardware of place. How can we help build this? What are the mechanisms? And the opportunities?

Join us to discuss how government and the industry can better promote and integrate green infrastructure in our cites.  

Panellists include:

Peter Head Founder & CEO, The Ecological Sequestration Trust (chair)

Tom Armour Director and leader, global landscape architecture, Arup

Julia Thrift Projects and operations director, Town & Country Planning Association

Cannon Ivers Director, LDA Design


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