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With the right architecture, the hospital building can be a ‘third carer’ for patients

A cash injection for some 40 hospitals by 2030 means an injection of new thinking is also due. We preview Ab Rogers’ RIBA talk on his Living Systems concept for built environments that help alleviate symptoms and improve wellbeing

21 September 2022

Book reviews

Gillian Darley reviews Stalin’s Architect, Deyan Sudjic’s biography of Boris Iofan, who designed for the Soviet elite and managed to survive into his eighties, living in one of his own modernist buildings

Gillian Darley reviews Deyan Sudjic’s Stalin’s Architect, a biography of Boris Iofan

Examining the US healthy building context; a room by room breakdown on how to make the best use of space; and the latest academic research into timber construction, three book reviews

Building for wellbeing, designing for compact space and crafting wood among subjects covered

‘Poor’ had a profound impact on Madeleine Kessler. She gives the reasons why she urges everyone working in community schemes to read it

Why Madeleine Kessler had to reconsider her preconceptions

Favourite book: To understand post-modernism, start in Dunkirk says Amin Taha

Amin Taha recommends the Measure of All Things

Nimi Attanayake found unexpected insights in her chosen best read, Rebel Ideas by Matthew Syed

How diversity keeps organisations agile and relevant