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Eye Line 2024

RIBAJ's annual drawing competition

  1. Culture

Luis-Miguel Lus Arana relates a moment in architectural history in heady mix of fact and fantasy

Epic scale, interrogable detail and obsessive and visionary nature of Luis-Miguel Lus Arana’s Eye Line entry wins him first place, practitioner, in 2024 Eye Line

25 June 2024

Eye Line 2023

Eye Line 2022

  1. Culture

Mengqiao Zhang translates Orwell’s 1984 into architectural space

A beguiling but technically expert and surreal study of surveillance capitalism wins Mengqiao Zhang of the Bartlett winner, student

28 June 2022

Eye Line 2021

  1. Culture

Rory Chisholm creates interwoven micro to macro courtyard design for Ancoats

Rory Chisholm’s fascination with courtyards – like ‘a simple clearing in the woods’ – produced the pencil and ink drawing of Manchester that netted him 1st winner, practitioner

27 July 2021

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