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Homes and housing

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Six Columns is a home intended to keep evolving

Will Burges’ self-build family home in suburban south London is inhabited and looks finished, but this flexible, future-looking house is intended to be a work in progress

20 February 2024

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The setting's the star for Czechia's winter wonderland eyrie

mar.s architects' simple, open plan home in the local vernacular of the northern Krkonoše mountains subjugates itself to the dramatic snowscape, its verandah acting as a ‘bridge’ into the whiteout

18 December 2023

House extensions

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Contemporary Bury Gate Farm evolves the country house tradition

Sandy Rendel Architects’ new house on the South Downs is elegant and liveable – and could have been bigger

7 November 2023

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Seosaeng House sees Studio Weave’s Je Ahn return to his Korean roots

The red-pink concrete, mountainside family home overlooking the sea embraces and builds on the traditions and courtyard vernacular of South Korea

26 September 2023