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The RIBA Journal is all about design in the making - useful, practical articles about architecture that are exciting to read, unveiling things you can learn from people you look up to and from talents you have not yet discovered.

Daily articles on, a weekly edit emailed to your inbox, regular webinars and podcasts, a monthly magazine, RIBA Journal, and a quarterly supplement, Products in Practice, make up the UK’s largest-circulation architecture magazine, published by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Go to our buildings section to see new inspiring and award winning buildings and how they are put together, to our intelligence section to learn the interesting way about planning, regulations, sustainability and opportunities from the best in the business and to the culture section to meet the people who make our places, and get the inside track on the best books and exhibitions and ideas in architecture. The products section shows how specifications are put into practice and showcases emerging tech. If you prefer your articles sorted by core CPD topic take a look at our learning section.

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