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Climate action

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Archer + Braun’s sustainable artist’s studio in east London

Schindel Studio, purpose-built for landscape artist Amelia Humber, uses the latest sustainable materials and technologies. Practice co-founder Sarah Braun explains its Alpine influence

24 April 2023

Carbon calculators

What started as in-house software at Elliott Wood has become a free, simple-to-use embodied carbon calculator aimed at resource-stretched practices

Elliott Wood aims its embodied carbon calculator at small practices

The race to meet emissions reductions targets by 2030 means construction must now focus on embodied carbon, according to the winner of the RIBA President’s Award for Research – climate change

Whole life carbon must be architects’ priority

UWE-led project adds AI to embodied carbon calculation tools to cut decisions on alternative materials from hours to just a few minutes

Low carbon alternatives could be decided in minutes, not hours

Too many ‘sustainable’ credits for buildings refer only to operation, but embodied energy accounts for much carbon output. There are digital tools to help green your design

How to count the carbon in your design

Construction industry heavyweights respond to climate emergency with Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator

Trials of open source EC3 application show 30% cut in carbon costs