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Product specification

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Books: A new way to see Modernism and how to build better sustainably

Green facades, environmental materials and modern architecture as viewed through windows: three fascinating books packed with valuable information

15 July 2024

Rooflights and skylights

A new product with a hand-winder for natural ventilation and an authentic central glazing bar is the perfect fit for restoration and refurbishment projects

Improve indoor air quality and daylighting on your conservation projects

Two former back-of-house outdoor spaces at a Northumberland country house retreat have been covered with bespoke rooflights to create delightful communal areas for guests

Way-up high bespoke rooflights create covered communal spaces below

Ultra slim-framed sliding and pivot doors, rooflights, bay windows and glass boxes can all play a part in creating bright and healthy interiors for building occupants

Go slim-framed to create bright and healthy interiors for occupants

CPD programme outlines how specifying new rooflights for old buildings can help architects design for the future while preserving the past

How to preserve the past while designing for the future

Specifying a sliding box skylight provides another floor of useable space while brightening and ventilating the existing interiors below

An additional floor + more light for existing rooms in one specification