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Product specification

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Humanitarian project 3D-prints school in Ukraine in record time

As refugees from war-torn regions flood the city of Lviv, a new school is being 3D-printed using a robotic innovation that has been developed in response to the threat of shelling

9 June 2023

Doors and windows

Specifying energy-efficient roof windows that have a discreet, authentic aesthetic brings all the benefits of the new while retaining the character of the old

All the efficiencies of the new while retaining the character of the old

The debate about polymer - or uPVC - versus aluminium has been raging for years. For many architects the latter is superior, but do recent innovations mean a rethink is due?

Why this under-estimated material can be a true alternative to aluminium

The manufacturer has been honoured in the prestigious Innovation category for a patented aluminium window and door design that offers cradle-to-cradle recyclability

Innovative aluminium system takes King's Award for Enterprise

Innovative Hawa Junior 100 door gear can provide seamless,  flush fitting and easy-to-operate access for all while screening off designated zones in broken-plan spaces

Seamless, flush fitting, easy-to-operate access for all

Add an architectural glass box structure to bring the outdoors in and you can make any space feel boundless

Architectural glass box structures make any space feel boundless