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Balkrishna Doshi at his Sangath Studio, Ahmedabad in December 2021.
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Royal Gold Medallist Balkrishna Doshi, man of the people, dies age 95

India based Balkrishna Doshi has passed away. Here we revisit our 2022 interview with him in which he gave Eleanor Young a rare insight into how Ahmedabad and his studio there taught him the importance of sound and silence to design, about flexibility and rejoicing, and putting people first

24 January 2023

  1. Culture

Hindsight: Stephen Hodder on the unquenchable pursuit of design excellence

The founder of Hodder Associates and later Hodder + Partners considers how early success with Colne swimming pool in Pendle, Lancashire led to the project of which he is most proud - The Welcome Building at RHS Bridgewater

20 September 2022