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CPD Video: Health, Wellbeing and Productivity

CPD Video: Health, Wellbeing and Productivity

This RIBA approved CPD video will give participants a better understanding and insight into integrating user-centered interior design to positively impact the health, wellbeing... and productivity of occupants.

Architecture for social purpose

The much-decorated Chilean architect who ‘does more than just nice architecture’

Danish retrospective of the Elemental ‘Do Tank’

The social value your practice can offer will enhance your chance of winning public work – and could reap benefits in meeting the skills shortage

Adding social value can enhance your chance of winning public work

The designer of this year’s Serpentine Pavilion, which opens on 15 June, explains why architects learn to build fast in Mexico City

Designer of this year’s Serpentine Pavilion

It may be more Star Trek Borg cube in Lego, but Will Wiles defies the critics and knows why he likes HOK's Royal London Hospital

More like a nuclear power plant than hospital, but…

Architects need to work together to show what the profession really stands for

Show what we really stand for

Health, safety & wellbeing

Hilti’s fire and acoustic seal slots effortlessly into dry-lined walls to ensure safe, comfortable homes

Hilti’s fire and acoustic seal helps ensure safe, comfortable homes

We architects need to sharpen our tools; add your views to help hone the new test

Help strengthen RIBA’s new safety test

Lucy Carmichael, RIBA director of practice discusses the launch of the consultation for the RIBA Plan of Work for Fire Safety

...on the consultation for the RIBA Plan of Work for Fire Safety

It needs a fundamental overhaul of the construction industry’s approach to fire safety to prevent another Grenfell, Kingspan seminar told

Start again on fire safety: seminar debates the system

Architecture lost some of its sparkle? Get your deerstalker and uncover grim truths as a forensic architect

Uncover grim truths as a forensic architect

Business, clients and services

Bad day at the office? In her final monthly column for RIBAJ, Maria Smith aims higher

Maria Smith takes off on a serious flight of fancy

Fees are continuing to move up, while hourly rates remain flat. How can it be? Headlines and analysis of the latest figures

Fees are up, rates down. How’s that?

Following her guide to architects on creating a successful client relationship, Pocket Living’s Angharad Palmer shares her advice on the client’s responsibility to the design team

Part 2: Pocket's Angharad Palmer gives her advice to those commissioning buildings

Pocket's new head of design and RIBAJ 2017 Rising Star Angharad Palmer shares her tips for a successful architect/client relationship. Part 1 guides architects through the waters

Part 1: Pocket's head of design explains how to have a successful architect/client relationship

Gavin Heaphy, in charge of North West Cambridge, says the way people work together is the key to success

It's how you work together that decides success

Legal, regulatory and statutory compliance

Rich in references, Amin Taha’s controversial building announces its presence with an intriguing range of finishes on its structural limestone facade

Intriguing finishes on Amin Taha's controversial building

Construction sites are by nature vulnerable to fire, and repair costs can be astronomical. Do we need more from regulation?

Mack fire shows we need more from regulation

More than 40 years before Grenfell, fatal fire lessons went unheeded

Combustible materials were fatal 44 years ago

Don’t wait for legislation: the industry must improve now

Don’t wait for legislation says Hackitt

Understanding and implementing regulations, and third party certification, is essential to fire safety

The knitty gritty of fire safety

Procurement and contracts

Housing and commercial uplift send average fees higher – but hourly rates fail to keep up with inflation

Rising fees leave hourly rates standing still

Just defining ethical priorities can be a minefield, never mind enforcing them. But, as evidenced by the RIBA’s new CPD subjects, there’s no getting away from it

There's no getting away from ethical sourcing

Who owns the copyright on architects’ drawings? It depends, of course

Who owns the copyright on your drawings?

The invention of tough yet flexible concrete could halve the duration of road and paving works

This is stronger, lighter – and it bends

For owners to win redress under the 1972 Act, a dwelling must be unfit to live in

What does it take to win redress under the 1972 Act?

Sustainable architecture

Client and architect 'have not just raised the bar but smashed through the ceiling'

Sustainability and space at 'once in a generation project'

Flooding and drought in Bangladesh are being tackled with a policy of adaptation rather than resistance

Adapting to extreme weather works better than resistance

RESIDE project prepares ground for high quality, low energy, housing

Project prepares for 100m sustainable homes

On-site energy generation and storage plus smart controls makes an energy-positive office

The office that's a mini power station

A future-gazing report anticipates multi-generational living, mini power plants and smart gizmos in homes

More technology and living with Gran

Inclusive environments

Living with Buildings offers a welcome breakdown of the link between environment and wellbeing, especially in the post-Grenfell context

Living with Buildings charts the link between environment and wellbeing

Tradition, modernity, pastiche and cultural fusion: what is the architectural style of the  British mosque?

What is the architectural style of the British mosque?

DVVT imagined the lives of patients and residents for Kapelleveld care home, which is designed to stimulate occupants to help make them stronger

Kapelleveld elderly care and housing, Ternat, Belgium

Blueprint to succeed or a war on suburbs? The New London Plan debates won support but not conviction

The New London Plan debates

Nick Johnson has done a lot – at Yale, in Manchester, with Cabe and most notably with Urban Splash. He’s still regenerating places, but now he does it quite differently

What ex-Urban Splasher Nick Johnson is doing now

Places planning & community

Is it really fantastical to value the presence of a map?

Is it really fantastical to value the presence of a map?

With the deadline for entries to this year’s MacEwen Award approaching on 12 November, Jan Kattein tells how less design is more at one of his favourite examples of architecture for the common good

MacEwen alumnus Jan Kattein sets the mood for this year’s award

A decade after Accordia won the Stirling Prize, a ‘talk and tour’ probed the achievements and lessons of an acknowledged benchmark for housing

How has Accordia fared as a place to live?

Involving future tenants throughout the development of new part of the Kipling Estate in London has set a benchmark for social housing

How a tenant partnership made coveted homes

It’s not London's skyscrapers that are the problem, it’s the paucity of genuine public realm at their feet

True public space is a people-watching arena

Building conservation and heritage

Conservationist who initiated the restoration of Birmingham’s canal network and became the first canals architect since Telford

Saviour and restorer of Britain's canals network

Glass installations at Canterbury Cathedral bring philosophical illumination

Glass installations bring philosophical illumination

Ptolemy Dean’s access tower and triforium and MUMA’s new gallery at Westminster Abbey continue a process begun by Wren to bring modern amenity to a medieval fad

Westminster Abbey's medieval fad turned modern amenity

BIM4Heritage has been set up to promote the immense usefulness of the technology in the conservation and preservation of our historic buildings

BIM4Heritage promotes conservation role

Ideas for those starting at the bottom

Ideas for those starting at the bottom

Design, construction and technology

Mismatched triangles, curves and squares make Sheppard Robson’s stranded Interserve building difficult to warm to – unless you’re in the atrium

Square peg in a round hole?

Dominique Coulon & Associés’ dramatic architectural space is the opposite of lonely for its happy, confident senior residents in France

Dominique Coulon’s bold architecture keeps its older residents in the pink

News from on the inside

News from on the inside

Hallidie Building,
San Francisco, 1918

Hallidie Building, San Francisco, 1918

The spectator sport of gaming is huge, and growing fast. Populous is looking ahead with its design for a gaming house for professional esports athletes

Populous design brings gaming to the world of professional sports


Flooring manufacturer Forbo's new Tessera Cloudscape carpet tiles have names such as Cumulus Blue, Sunset Sky and Mistral Gale and aim to bring light - and mindfulness - to urban workspaces

Tessera Cloudscape carpet tiles for thriving workspaces

Polished concrete with inlays and trims demands expertise in design and a masterful touch in installation. Lazenby's floors are shining examples

Lazenby brings beauty to concrete floors

Inspired by windswept wheat fields and rustic wood, Tarkett's latest Desso flooring range uses a two-tone yarn effect to bring a fresh new feel to the workplace

Desso carpet tile freshens up office design

Kerakoll's new Biogel adhesives put an end to the many types of substrate formulations

Kerakoll's tiling adhesive Biogel bonds the impossible

Flooring specialist's high-impact, noise-reducing Powershock 300 tiles are a perfect fit for a penthouse-level gym installed above apartments in Dún Laoghaire

Gerflor rubber tile works out for Dublin gym facilities


Cupa Pizarras's Cupaclad 101 and 201 slate cladding systems are now BBA certified - an industry recognised symbol of quality, safety and reliability

Cupa Pizarras's Cupaclad now BBA certified

Choosing metals and finishes for design and architecture can be a complex business, but keeping just three things front of mind will reveal the material, fixing and finish you need - whatever your project

Cadisch MDA: how to choose the metal for your project

FoamStone from Sytex UK is the lighter and more affordable alternative to get a stone look and feel

Sytex FoamStone is the lighter way to get a stone look and feel

Rockpanel has relaunched its portfolio of products to encompass everything from colourful panels for large projects to those suitable for domestic use

The new Rockpanel - more choice for safe facade design

Paramount Office Interiors has given Cypress House, St Mellons a refurbishment to create new commercial space in Cardiff

Cypress House refresh attracts new business


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