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Opportunities Hub: Contests worth the work

Want to create housing that reconnects seniors with their communities, design an urban space in ‘Swindon’s front garden’ or win a place on a Cornish construction framework? These are the latest architecture competitions and contracts from across the industry

6 June 2023

Rethink 2025

When we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic a new sort of design will be needed. How would you design the new world we will find ourselves in? Entries now closed

Big ideas for a post-pandemic world

The porch could be a critical part of home design for a post-pandemic world, offering a public/private space for deliveries, bike and boot storage, and even a visitors’ WC

The house of tomorrow might best be served by adding a porch

As Skyroom’s £100 million plan to drop keyworker housing onto city buildings starts to become a reality, how do architects get in on the action?

How architects can help build keyworker homes

As the government announces a capital boost for schools, practice alma-nac has used the pandemic to deepen its relationship with schools by producing a new guide

Guidance offers post-Covid promise too

Is a return to normal life really what we want after Covid? Surely this is our chance to speed the changes for the better that were already germinating before coronavirus hit

Post pandemic, we must speed up our plans to make a better world