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RIBA Regional, RIAS, RSAW and RSUA awards 2022


Welcome to the RIBA Regional Awards issue 2022. After a complicated couple of years due to Covid-19, the RIBA Regional Awards are back to their usual annual format. From 176 shortlisted projects, whittled down by the judges to 123 winners, we bring to you the awards in full. They offer an astonishing array of types, shapes, colours and sizes from all around the UK.

Alongside the winners showcase, we have also brought back our awards in numbers analysis by geographical region – excluding RIAS for Scotland, which are not yet announced. The region with the most awards is again East with 17 named schemes – it had 18 in 2019 when we last sorted by area. This is followed by London West with 14 and South with 13. At the other end of the spectrum, Wales has the fewest in 2022 with only two, followed by the North East with three, then Yorkshire and London North on four – the latter perhaps exhausted still by coming second overall in 2019 with 15.

In other analysis, you might think the regions with the most awards will have also had the highest total spend, but not this year. London West does well with a spend of £676.8m compared to East’s £66.1m, but it’s pipped to the post by London South East, whose seven projects amount to £730.8 million. Two of those had nine-figure contract values alone (it includes the City of London), which surprisingly doesn’t skew the region’s cost per m2 of average project into a chart-topping position as well because they are big buildings. 

In the area of how much needs to be spent per m2 on average to achieve a Regional Award, South East, North West and Yorkshire lead the way in cost ascending order with more than £5,000/m2. Yorkshire and North West are primarily influenced by single projects, but South East, as you might expect, has generally pricier but not uber expensive projects. The North East this year achieved ‘most with least’ at £1,508/m2 for the average project there. 
So, there you have it, the awards in synopsis, now time to delve in for a closer look.


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