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Brighton Waste House, Brighton

Questioning important issues of recycling

BBM Sustainable Design for University of Brighton

Contract value: £200,000

GIA: 2353m2

Sustainability Award [checking] sponsored by SIKA

From a distance this looks like a contemporary town house. But up close the carpet tile cladding comes into focus. This is a project with an interesting agenda: the house is a collection of experiments through which students learn by application how recycled materials can be used in construction. It is a project that will never be fully resolved – it will have a continually evolving brief – thanks to a dedicated team of supporters. 


Some of the experiments are extraordinary: from old toothbrushes used as insulation to event banners as vapour control layers. This project cleverly breathes new life into objects and materials that would normally be discarded. It has sufficient scientific integrity to be taken seriously by the construction industry and just enough political clout to influence recycling policy. This house will continue to question important issues of recycling that affect everyone.

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