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Chimes, Exeter

A plan of nine never-touching curves

Credit: Joakim Boren

David Sheppard Architects for Ross Edwards

Contract value: £295,000

GIA: 110m2

Small Project of the Year

This one bedroom house for a musician sits harmoniously at the end of a Victorian terrace. Due to flood levels the house is raised on a plinth and the plan consists of nine never-touching curves. The concept of the curves is rigorously adhered to and any potential awkwardness of space is skilfully transformed into delight. 

  • Credit: Joakim Boren
  • Credit: Joakim Boren
  • Credit: Joakim Boren
  • Credit: Joakim Boren

On arrival you are greeted by a feast of geometry and slices of light and view. Downstairs is a quirky lounge space with kitchen and eating area off to the side.  Although the planning gives the sense of being effortless, one suspects it is a result of perspiration and vigour. The bedroom affords views and access to the rear garden, while the staircase sits in one of three double-height volumes and leads to the music space. Powerfully this contains a single grand piano and a stool – the instrument perhaps inspiration for the curves.

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