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College Court, Leicester

RIBA Regional Awards 2014: East Midlands

College Court, Leicester
College Court, Leicester Credit: Martine Hamilton Knight

College Court, Leicester
Associated Architects for University of Leicester
Contract £13.3m. GIA 6,500m2

Built in 1960 as College Hall residence by Sir Leslie Martin and Trevor Dannatt, but semi-derelict since the early noughties, College Court is the successful conversion of this grade II listed former hall of residence into a residential conference centre.

Both architect and client committed to retain the atmosphere of the original building in a transformation that was ‘both dramatic and subtle.’ Major alterations to the fabric were, the judges stated, carried out ‘with great care and honesty’, preserving traces of previous use. The architect consulted Dannatt to replicate the spirit of the original, and created a sense of authenticity throughout. ‘College Court is a wonderful example of a listed building carefully transformed for a new use,’ the judges concluded. ‘Thoughtful and sensitive interventions ensure the elegance and charm of the ensemble continue in its new life.’


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