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Dundon Passivhaus, Compton Dundon

Stunning non-confrontational family home

Credit: Graham Bizley

Prewett Bizley Architects for Graham Bizley

Contract value: £470,000

GIA: 226m2

Dundon is an architect-client Passivhaus designed home at the foot of a wooded hill on the edge of a Somerset village. The roof-line nestles behind the hedgerow almost perfectly so it is not until you are almost upon the house that you notice it. Entering the house you are greeted with a forest of internal timber cladding, lit beautifully via a carefully placed skylight. Once in the living space you are drenched in the stunning landscape thanks to large sliding folding windows. Generous protected terraces provide not only covered seating space but also solar shading. 

  • Credit: Graham Bizley
  • Credit: Graham Bizley
  • Credit: Graham Bizley
  • Credit: Graham Bizley

The lounge is more introverted, with large log burners at its heart providing heating and hot water. This is backed up with solar thermal on the roof and MVHR. The garden houses a 4500-litre rainwater harvesting tank and the walls are super-insulated.  Special commendation to the architect for this profoundly sustainable approach but above all for a stunning non-confrontational home for his family that no-one could fail to fall in love with.

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