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Lantern Craft Workshops, Ringwood

Satisfying and moving experience

CaSA Architects for The Lantern Community

Contract value: £800,000

GIA: 372m2


The objective of this project was to provide workshops in a woodland setting for the Lanterns Community, which offers a home life to people with learning difficulties. Brick, cedar and concrete floors provided not only continuity from space to space but also with the exterior and from building to building. One, beautifully top-lit, houses an art room and pottery workshop (located where the building itself is built into the ground). 


The other building houses looms for the weaving workshops, a reference cleverly expressed in cladding of weaved cedar fence panels. The joy of these buildings is twofold: the simple, quiet, well-executed architecture, and the understanding of how well-designed environments can provide a quality experience for end user. It was an extremely satisfying and moving experience to see the people of this community so happy and productive.

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