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Mary Stevens Hospice Expansion, Stourbridge

An uplifting first impression

Credit: RIchard Ellis

KKE Architects for Mary Stevens Hospice

Contract value: £560,000

GIA: 672m2

Small Project of the Year

Many patients’ first experience of this building may be from an ambulance stretcher trolley. If so, the view up into the sculptural ovoid rooflight creates an uplifting first impression of Mary Stevens Hospice for its in-patients. The rendered form has a cutaway timber-clad wall punctured with scattered windows that colour up as they gather at the entrance. 

  • Credit: RIchard Ellis
  • Credit: RIchard Ellis
  • Credit: RIchard Ellis

The separation of office entrance and hospice reception is cleverly handled and the playful arrangement of windows along the staircase demonstrates a thoughtful design approach.  The cocooning Peace Room shows how a poetically appealing device can transform a space: it is illuminated mainly by diffused top light that filters through and around perforated panels, or ‘cloud structures’, suspended from above. In the 10 converted bedrooms bespoke hoist parking and recessed wall tracks give the overall impression of a simply-decorated hotel bedroom rather than a hospital room. 

Attention to detail and a pleasantly idiosyncratic character successfully demonstrate how even a small building can create a positive and poetic response that is clearly appreciated by the client.

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