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Pod Gallery, Home Farm, West Littleton

Exquisitely fashioned contemporary object

Credit: Craig Auckland

Stonewood Design for private client

Contract value: £250,000

GIA: 49m2

Restoration of grade II listed Home Farm Barn also involved the insertion of a private art gallery. Large hay cart doors guide you through into a sensitively restored cavernous stone barn, where the flawlessly detailed and constructed canvas of the pod insertion not only avoids touching the walls or the roof of the lofty structure, but also appears to hover above its contemporary concrete floor. 

  • Credit: Craig Auckland
  • Credit: Craig Auckland
  • Credit: Craig Auckland
  • Credit: Craig Auckland

Art-lined corridors deftly manage the transition from house to pod. The gallery is an exquisitely fashioned contemporary object that sits proudly in its rustic agricultural surroundings. Its double-height glazed elevation affords beautiful views over the interior of the host space and the alignment of the new and old fenestration provides the viewer with an interesting and dramatic experience. The gallery’s refined palette, considered detailing and precise construction is highly creditable.

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