De Beauvoir Block, Dalston

A creative ‘village’ of well-designed workspaces

Henley Halebrown for The Benyon Estate
Contract value: £5m, GIA: 2,495 m²
Cost per m²: £2,004

This is a collaborative workplace for start-up businesses. The brief was to adapt some Edwardian industrial buildings in a conservation area. On the top floor a creative ‘village’ of well-designed workspaces caters for any sized business.


Timber-framed units on top of the existing buildings are wrapped in EPDM rubber. Low cost and innovative, the blocks suit the original warehouse brick. Thoughtful rationalisation allows re-use of the cores and provides new, external circulation to maximise floorspace. Wide desks are used as external breakout spaces in the reconfigured central courtyard and there is a cafe/bar at ground level. The heated circulation spaces and highly insulated work spaces benefit from natural ventilation.

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