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Think you know minimalism?

RIBA Regional Awards 2014: Yorkshire

Seizure Gallery, Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Seizure Gallery, Yorkshire Sculpture Park Credit: David Grandorge

Seizure Gallery, Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Adam Khan Architects for Arts Council Collection
Contract £148,000. GIA 150m2

Think you know minimalism? You don’t until you’ve seen this ultra-reduced building. Never has Pevsner’s famous distinction between ‘architecture’ and ‘building’ been so firmly overturned. This crude shelter, made of uninsulated concrete planks and a beam-and-slab roof with a removable metal section, contains the remarkable work ‘Seizure’. Artist Roger Hiorns filled the interior of a condemned London council flat with copper sulphate solution, then drained it to reveal a magical blue crystalline transformation.  Just a ‘building’? By no means. Pure architecture.


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