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Student Services Building, Arts University Bournemouth, Poole

A calming, comforting atmosphere

Credit: Nick Kane

Design Engine Architects for Arts University Bournemouth

Contract value: Undisclosed

GIA: 664m2

The Student Services department creates a very legible front door to the campus as with a ‘tentacle’ strategy it extends to form a portal across the main entry and spine road. This continues with an extrusion to form the entrance on an adjacent block and a consolidated circulation spine that permeates the entire width of the campus. Student Services deals with emotional, financial and other challenges students may face. The building is suitably serious, brick framed but defined primarily by solemn graphite cladding, window and ventilation assemblages, broken only at the entrance by a flash of bright yellow. 

  • Credit: Nick Kane
  • Credit: Nick Kane
  • Credit: Nick Kane
  • Credit: Nick Kane

The entry splits visitors left to student union offices and right to student services, where staff spaces face the street while student interview rooms are at the rear. The two functions are separated by a landing/corridor just wide enough to squeeze a long narrow slot void down the centre – an unlikely but valuable addition to the space. The staff said the calming and comforting atmosphere plays a significant role in the success of their mission.

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