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Gordon Murray

RIBA Regional Awards 2014: North East

Treetops Credit: Jill Tate

Howarth Litchfield
Contract £200,000. GIA 290m2

This transformational project, with the architect’s wife as client, reinvented a modest 1964 two storey house on a large, steeply sloping suburban woodland site. The works revealed and recreated the dual mono-pitch form of the original building. An extended terrace and its columns become part of the roof form to provide solar shading  for what looks like a wholly new building.

The fabric performs to Code Level 5 through over-cladding of the existing building with insulation and render, enlarged high-performance windows with solar glass, high sun shelter from the roof overhang, and natural stack ventilation. With ground source heating and PVs it can be completely off-grid.

  • Credit: Jill Tate
  • Credit: Jill Tate

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