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White on White, Camden

Sense of purity

Gianni Botsford Architects for undisclosed client

Contract value: £65,000. GIA: 10m2

Small Project of the Year, commended

White on White is an essay in holistic design,creating a tiny study extension to a family home within a glass cube semi-buried in a delightfully re-wrought canal-side garden.


The brief called for a room with a strong visual connection to the garden but which did not draw attention to itself when seen from the opposite bank of the Regent’s Canal. The design dematerialises the 2.3 x 2.7m room when seen against the white stucco of the house, through the use of unframed ultra clear low-iron glass. The study is reached via a concealed door set into the kitchen wall. The sense of purity achieved with the white Corian walls, floors and furniture is sublime. 

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