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Eye Line competition 2013 - Commended

Kishan Bhopal, BA Year 2
University of Westminster
Bath House


Bhopal’s urban bath house impressed all the judges with its blend of hand drawing layered over digital rendering images that stood up to a 500% zoom. ‘We’re blowing this up a lot and the shadows on the structure are still beautiful,’ said Sagoo. ‘There’s a loose freehand style being layered over it and it works really well.’ Parker felt ‘there’s a lot of pleasure gone into the representation’, and that ‘the image seems to have been enjoyed by the artist.’ Dunlop and Pearman were intrigued that the slightly fantastical nature of the drawing was brought down to earth with the logistics of plastic pipe runs, Pearman saying: ‘It’s like the tutors said: Very nice, but how do the drainage runs work?’ Parker called it ‘film noir meets pragmatics’; but all saw a compelling grittiness there that belied the representation of hygiene. This sense of friction gave the drawings resonance.