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Commended: Paul Woodruffe, academic leader undergraduate, Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand

Boundary Conditions: 1960s House

Woodruffe’s work, part of a project that he says was ‘exploring the boundary conditions of three buildings, representing the three types of architecture present on a site that borders a public park’, intrigued the judges with an almost Primitivist freshness that they had not seen exhibited in other submissions. Here, the spaces between the elements are as important as the elements themselves, with Jes Fernie bowled over by one image in particular, seeing a compositional power to it not evident in the other two. Woodruffe added that the drawings were the result of multiple site visits and a collective analysis of the way architecture and landscape responded to our excursions into the contested spaces. The resulting work hints at a disjunction between the two, simply expressed, as Hugh Pearman noted, in its ‘deliberately naïve style’.

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