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Subterranean foyer for LSO

Commended: Ciaran Scannell, Royal College of Art, London

New London Symphony Orchestra Subterranean Foyer

Scannell’s got a thing about tunnels. Not surprisingly his submission ended up at the extreme end of Eye Line’s chiaroscuro spectrum, his obsessively crosshatched drawings (which judge Jes Fernie described as ‘reminding me of 1950s melamine kitchen work surfaces’) nonetheless possessing a somewhat Piranesian quality. This could be due to the fact that beyond the construction of the tunnel infrastructure for HS2, the boring machinery could be put to far more luxurious use; in this case for swimming pools below Regent’s Park and a new home for the London Symphony Orchestra. Scannell’s tunnel boring detail engaged the judges with its reification of the drills’ parameters and spatial possibilities, while his pool and orchestra foyer were, according to Fernie, ‘stunning spaces’. This last image, its walls etched into by the machinery that created it, was, according to judge Amelia Hunter, ‘amazing and atmospheric’.

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