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Here I am Dystopia

Eye Line competition 2013 - Commended

Samuel Fisher, MArch
University of Lincoln
Here I am Dystopia


samuel fisher imagines a future cityscape free of forms generated via intellectual concepts. Where there is no metaphor, he claims, buildings are ‘without hidden dimension, and erected for no other purpose than to say here I am: a series of one-liners’. In his computer rendering of this world Fisher took everyday consumer objects and exploded them to grotesque scale. ‘The sepia visualisation has elements of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis,’ said Dunlop, while Pearman added that it evoked ‘New York of the 1920s’. Sagoo praised the level of the composition. ‘It’s not easy to take a hundred or so different sources and marry them together like this’, he observed, adding ‘Done badly, it doesn’t work at all.’ Parker noted that ‘ there’s real skill shown in bringing together elements of different scales to read together – and I love the image’s subtle, slanting light’. The set-up for the play in scale is a subtle thing – the fantastical main view is book-ended by real buildings skilfully drawing you into the trompe l’oeil effect. ‘I’d have that on my wall,’ Sagoo concluded.