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In the manner of Hugh Ferriss and Paul Rudolph

Eye Line competition 2013 - Commended

Scott Bennion, MArch
Gras Architects
In the manner of Hugh Ferriss and Paul Rudolph


The images had a depth and richness that demanded a closer look.

Currently working towards his professional qualification at Gras Architects in Edinburgh, Bennion claims the influences of Paul Rudolph and the legendary American renderer Hugh Ferriss as the prime inspirations for his M.Arch project. He’s done well; his perspectives, created using nothing but an HB pencil, are a fitting homage to Ferriss, and impressed the judges with their atmospheric quality and palpable sense of scale. The sectional perspective, rendered in three different pen weights, also has strong formal composition. Sagoo appreciated their ‘atmospheric quality’, while Parker claimed that the images had a ‘depth and richness that demanded a closer look’; the images seeming to be created as much with the eraser as with the pencil itself. Dunlop felt that on further inspection one image fell down, as ‘the columns seem to have no structural logic’, and Sagoo questioned the use of the shadowy forms. But despite this, all the judges agreed that there was a silent scale and power to the renders that honoured the ideas of the people that inspired him.