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President’s Medals 2016

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Jane Duncan

The future is in very good hands

I am delighted and honoured to introduce this celebratory publication of student work. In the year we celebrate the 180th anniversary of the RIBA President’s Medals, the quality and diversity of projects featured in the following pages should make us all feel extremely proud of the next generation of architects, and be confident that the future of architecture is in very good hands.

I am humbled by the way students are so confidently addressing issues that stem from their own personal interests and developing them into grounded and solid architectural proposals with the guiding hands of their tutors. From the impact of architecture on wellbeing and the creation of symbiotic habitats for humans and animals through to alternative typologies for preservation and conservation, the design proposals and investigative writings by this year’s award-winning students are truly remarkable in their creative ambition and accomplished resolution.


Hand-engraving the RIBA Silver Medal.
Hand-engraving the RIBA Silver Medal. Credit: Phil Sayer

It is particularly heartening to note the very international and diverse profile of this year’s awards, with entries from 87 universities in 33 countries, and winners hailing from China, Cyprus, Finland, Hong Kong, Italy, Pakistan, Romania, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and the UK.

It is a true privilege to be president of an Institute that, for 180 years, has rewarded talent, innovation, and excellence in architectural thinking with these medals. I am very grateful to the RIBA staff for their efforts in making these awards happen, to the judges for giving us their time and expertise to select the winners, and to all students and tutors whose hard work and devotion continue to make the RIBA President’s Medals a celebration of excellence recognised across the world.

Jane Duncan, RIBA President