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Think, Process, Create, Refine, Visualise

Eye Line competition 2013 - Commended

Jimi Deji-Tijani, BA
University of Westminster
Think, Process, Create, Refine, Visualise


Westminster university graduate and architectural visualiser Jimi Deji-Tijani was the only shortlisted entrant to supply a manifesto with his images. ‘It is the intention of my entry to directly challenge those who believe computer generated imagery cannot evoke the same passion as those created by hand or similar drawn medium,’ he pronounced. Despite Dunlop’s spontaneous guffaw, the judges on the whole agreed; his renderings being both precise and diaphanous. Sagoo said they ‘bordered on the abstract’, and the only shortlisted entry ‘doing computer rendering in the traditional sense’. Technically adept, compositional skill is clearly evident, with the use of a blinding white light that almost dazzles. ‘Some visualisers go into “Watchtower Paradise”,’ Sagoo joked, ‘but this guy has put the sun exactly where he wants it for full effect. They are bold and confident renderings.’