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Tech reads: Working with the Dutch, the changing climate and contract management

Jan-Carlos Kucharek

Jan-Carlos Kucharek’s interest is piqued by the latest publications on how architects can address the climate emergency, working with practices from the Low Countries and a quirky but practical guide to managing contractual extras

RIBA Climate Guide

Mina Hasman. RIBA Publishing, 274p HB £40

The author, architect, environmental designer and ‘advocate for addressing climate change’ at SOM’s London office, spends the first two chapters outlining the context of climate fundamentals and preferred sustainable outcomes. Following chapters highlight case studies from around the world covering Human Factors, Circular Economy, Energy & Carbon, Water, Ecology & Biodiversity and Connectivity & Transport. The book is well illustrated with engaging, full-page diagrams that aim to distil core ideas. Nearly 20 pages of reference help take your research further.

Designing Building Structures

Ney & Partners. Foreword by Sigrid Adriaenssens. 224p HB €35

An exception for PiP, this self-published book by by engineer Ney & Partners – William Matthews’ collaborator on Cornwall’s Stirling-shortlisted Tintagel Bridge – documents its work with Low Countries architects. From showcase buildings it moves quickly to technical aspects with drawings, explanatory text and construction shots. Be it their timber kids’ pavilion or a fantastic pool proposal, it’s a good overview of a country that keeps punching above its weight architecturally.

Extras and Changes – Scope, time, people, resources, services… and fees – A Practical Guide

Tom Taylor. Dashdot Enterprises Ltd, PB 116p £12

A past president of the Association for Project Management, Taylor’s idiosyncratic guide to managing contractual extras and changes is an interesting read, with welcome brevity for a book on contract management. It does what it says on the tin, giving advice on how to charge for extras in a quirky, concise way. It is split into 15 chapters that open by outlining a contractual scenario and then spend a few pages going into detail – mostly via bullet point paragraphs. Not exhaustive by any means but a good primer for £12, if only to find out what Taylor’s ‘McGivity conundrums’ are.

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