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The globe or not the Globe

Credit: James W Fortune

Not the Southwark Globe, birthplace of the Bard’s great plays, but not far off. This is the Art Deco Globe in Stockton, in its day hosting The Beatles, Buddy Holly, The Rolling Stones and even Cilla Black – whose belting rendition of ‘Anyone who had a heart’ clearly couldn’t halt the venue’s decline, which closed for 45 years. Stockton-on-Tees Council, helped by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, has restored architect Percy L Brown’s 1935 building, making it again fit for up to 3000 revellers – Covid-pass or not. The originally installed Crittall W20 windows have been replicated, all finished in a luscious Turkish Blue. Crittall also supplied its Cold Formed Doors for the main entrances, including a power-assisted one, ensuring that when it throws open its doors again, it really will be to everyone. 




Tuesday 24th May, 09:00 – 11:15 am

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