Security Ratings: All you need to know

A guide by Jacksons Fencing outlines Security Ratings, how they are awarded and what they mean for specifiers, architects and installers

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Using multiple layers of security and extra features adds durability and value to projects.
Using multiple layers of security and extra features adds durability and value to projects.

Jacksons Fencing has released a guide to Security Ratings for specifiers of security fencing. The document includes an overview of Security Ratings, how they are awarded and their implications for projects.

Ranging from SR1 to SR5, Security Ratings are an indication of fence strength, denoting five possible levels of resilience to intruder attack. The guide explains the role of BRE Global’s Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) in awarding Security Ratings and its Loss Prevention Standard 1175 certification for specifiers, architects and installers.

The report provides insight into factors that can challenge security barriers, including criminal capability, tools used and attack time. Additionally, the new guide advises how to use multiple layers of security to protect a site and how extra features strengthen a site’s perimeter security, adding durability and value to projects.

Jacksons Fencing has been at the forefront of fencing manufacturing for over 70 years. As a market leader in security barriers and access control solutions, Jacksons is uniquely positioned to share expert knowledge, helping specifiers and architects to understand the importance of quality security products. The guide is the latest in Jacksons Fencing's series of industry-wide information papers, which help specifiers make informed decisions around their projects.

Download your free copy now: ‘A Guide to Security Ratings: Perimeter Standards Explained’



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