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Tomorrow’s Bathrooms

In this RIBA Journal webinar, expert architects and interior designers will discuss the impact interior environments have on wellbeing. They will consider trends in the latest bathroom design, bathrooms as retreats and the returning use of colour.

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Chair’s opening remarks
Isabelle Priest, managing editor, RIBA Journal 

Use of colour
Adam Nathaniel Furman, artist, designer & author

An interview by Isabelle Priest 
Roberto Palomba, chief design officer, Atelier Collection for Ideal Standard 

Panel discussion: Tomorrow's Bathrooms
Our guest speakers will consider emerging trends in bathroom design and share insights into what professionals consider when specifying products for bathrooms.

Nicolo Stassano, founder, Studio Stassano
Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe, co-founders, 2LG Studio
Roberto Palomba, chief design officer, Atelier Collection for Ideal Standard
Andrew Stembridge, design advisor, Iconic Luxury Hotels 

Audience Q&A

Chairs closing remarks


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