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Price guide illumination for lighting specifiers

James Garner and Nicola Sharkey

Lighting accounts for 11% of the average household electricity use, and is critical to creating the right mood. But what about the cost? Nicola Sharkey and James Garner of Gleeds offer a guide

According to the Energy Saving Trust, lighting makes up 11% of the average UK household’s electricity consumption.

Houses typically use a selection of standard light fittings and downlighters or spotlight fittings. Smart lighting controls and energy efficient bulbs are available for both. Replacing all the bulbs in your home with LED lights could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 40kg, as well as lowering your lighting bill.

Suitable lighting improves wellbeing and can make spaces feel brighter and more comfortable. 

Your choices in lighting will be influenced by its function, aesthetic and cost and the different requirements in each room. Factors such as energy efficiency, lamps and ballast life, installation and maintenance costs should also be considered. 

In sitting rooms, for example, pendant and chandelier lights are common. With multiple bulbs, chandeliers are more expensive and heavier but give a wider amount of light, while pendant lights are cheaper to run but focus more on a specific area.

The following guide reflects expected prices for a medium-sized project using products in the low-to upper-middle specification range.

Rates are based on the UK average and represent typical prices at 3Q 2022. Please note that prices can vary significantly depending on the exact specification.

Domestic internal lighting
Pendant, one-way switch inc single/three LED lamps £150-175/225-250
Creative, fused and folded glass, suspended by wire, two LED lamps £450-500
Contemporary chandelier one-way switch inc three/eight LED lamps £250-300/550-700
Traditional chandelier one-way switch inc eight candle lamps £350-400
Flush ceiling one-way switch reflecting wash, recessed, two LED lamps £175-200
Circuit of four, reflecting wash, recessed, two LED lamps £275-300
Single spotlight, one LED lamp  £150-175
Set of three spotlights, one LED lamp each, one transformer £225-250
Downlighter, one LED lamp £150-175
Circuit of six downlighters, one LED lamp each £225-250
Eyeball downlighter, one LED light £150-175
Twist and lock low voltage downlighter, one LED light, transformer £150-175
Track lighting
Low voltage track kit three pendants, LED bulbs, transformer £275-325
Low voltage cable kits five pendants, transformer £350-400
High voltage track kits three pendants £325-375
Add for low voltage cable pendant £25-30
Low voltage/high voltage track pendant £30-35/35-40
Wall mounted one-way switch 
Low voltage light kit with transformer and five recessed LED units £225-275
240v picture light £175-225
240v spotlight £150-200
240v creative/designer, fused and draped glass £225-275
240v creative/designer, splashbacks, 1200 x 800mm £1,000-1,250
Add for two way/three way switching £75-100/150-175
Emergency lighting luminaires
150mm 3-hour non-maintained emergency bulkhead luminaire IP40 4W T5 240v £225-250
300mm 3-hour non-maintained emergency bulkhead luminaire IP40 8W T5 240v £300-350
Commercial internal lighting 
Industrial lighting fittings; high bay type complete with reflector and lamp and gear: 250W sodium £250-300
250W metal halide £250-300
250W mercury discharge £250-300
Domestic external lighting 
Weatherproof non-maintained bulkhead luminaire IP65 8W T5 240v £300-350
Weatherproof maintained bulkhead luminaire IP65 8W T5  240v £200-225
Garden lighting, spotlight on stake, 240v, IP65 £200-225
Garden lighting, stainless steel bollard, 240v, IP65 £325-375
Garden lighting, LED spotlight, 240v, IP65 £250-275
500W floodlight, PIR unit, 240v, IP65  £200-225
Commercial external lighting 
Black aluminium medium beam economy discharge floodlight with toughened glass diffuser, integral gear, timed ignitor and lamp: 250W HQI-T/250W SON-T 275-300/275-300 400W MBF £275-300
Black low wattage discharge floodlight with clear polycarbonate diffuser, integral gear: lamp 70W SON-T no ignitor £215-225
Lamp 80W MBF £200-215
Wall washer flood light with 30 LED lamps, 240v, IP65 £190-215
Nicola Sharkey is UK insights and research lead, and James Garner is global head of data and insights and analytics, both at Gleeds


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