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Fitout inspirations from Products in Practice

Claire Leavey

New interiors specification suggestions ranging from kitchen to bathroom, floor to ceiling, and including Duravit, Keller Kitchens and Domus

Heartfelt Origami acoustic tiles, Hunter Douglas

OBERON: I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,
Where oxlip and the nodding violet grows,
Quite over-canopied with Heartfelt Origami folds,
With Weave and Curve, this year’s two new shapes bold:
There sleeps Titania sometime of the night,
Lull’d in th’acoustic hush with easy-fit delight;
And there the 600mm template many options underpins,
Panels meet enough to trap a fairy in:
And with these tiles of felt I’ll damp the background roar 
By 0.5 to 0.8 - and dull proud Titania’s isolated snore.


Vitrium/Millio sanitary furniture, Duravit 

‘No more porters on the catwalk, Sebastian!’
‘But Ronnie’s pure silver fox! He looked amazing up there, modelling Antonio Bullo’s Millio toilet in vivid Greenblue Matt, one of six colours available in the new Christian Werner 
co-ordinated Vitrium/Millio range!’
‘Sure, Ronnie’s got the raw looks – and the muscles needed to style out that solid ceramic pan with Durocast Smooth patterned panel – but it’s when he dropped his Calvins and parked it in front of Anna Wintour. He may have showcased best use of its bacteria-inhibiting glossy white bowl but he got headlines for all the wrong reasons, darling.’


Urban Nude cabinet doors, Keller Kitchens

Best night ever. No, seriously. We swerved Spearmint Rhino ’cos my mate got his card completely spanked in there once and instead we went to this new place called ‘Urban Nude’. Amazing. TBH, it was a relief to find it wasn’t a clip joint at all and we were actually in a Keller Kitchens showroom looking at these gorgeous new fluted glass Crittall-style black steel cabinet doors. Yeah, I left my AmEx behind the counter, no sweat. Kushti. I’m bringing the missus next week.


Pergo laminate flooring, Domus

Hey you. I see that big, beautiful watering can you’ve sidled in with. No need to be shy. Give it to me; you know you want to. The floor’s not bothered – even though it’s 80% PEFC-certified renewable surplus timber, it’s still got a lifetime warranty cos it’s so tough, with a multi-layer TitanX aluminium oxide protected surface, and a hard HDF core.
Best thing about it though is it’s super water resistant, even in the joints. So go on, do your worst – there’s three of us in this pot and we’re REALLY thirsty.



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