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A unitised facade, sliding doors, internal glazing and storm windows have been selected to tempt specifiers in our look at doors, windows and ironmongery products

NTech StormGuard windows
‘We, the wet men of Wetmen, demand satisfaction!’

‘Aye! And we, the cold men of Coldmen also remain unsatisfied, with a shocking high wind in the Gorbals! The dry men of Drymen are getting NorDan aluminium clad timber windows in their prize-winning low-energy social housing – and we hereby petition First Minister Humza Yousaf to make these low-carbon 0.8W/m²K triple-glazed Passivhaus windows compulsory across Scotland! Nicky the Fish wouldae fought for our U-values! Nicky wouldnae tilted and turned! Nicky wouldnae leave us with fuel bills 75% higher than they need to be!’


ID30 internal glazing system
Jack Aluminium

‘Curious sort of a name, isn’t it? Jack Aluminium?’

‘Yes. Nominative determinism has been my life’s curse. Throughout my youth I was tormented with ‘jokes’ from numb nuts like you, so I grew up with a mission to really understand the material and use that knowledge to make a better world for my children. That’s why I invented these slimline, heritage-style internal glazed partitions with minimal sightlines, concealed hinges, and 3D-printed components. Look: there’s a locking mechanism hidden in the door stile, too. And with its acoustics, all the stupid questions stay on your side.’ 


Slimdrive SCR sliding door
‘Town or gown?’


‘Is he a techy, life-sciency, smoothy-cool Cambridge grad or is he carrying a delivery and looking a bit sweaty?’

‘Well, he doesn’t look the freshest.’

‘This is exactly why this tech park’s got the Slimdrive SCR curved automatic bi-parting sliding doors with access control system. Go outside and sign for it.’

‘Done! And he didn’t half whiff! Blimey!’

‘Which is why the Slimdrive has a powerful integrated air curtain. It’s not just for heat loss! Just run it through the steriliser and bring it to the lab. Cheers!’ 


EL Evo unitised facade system

Wandsworth is fashionable now. Jeff Banks said so. Ronnie Kray, Pete Doherty and Gary Glitter have all done time here, adding to its ‘notoriety-chic’. Inside this building on a hot day? It’s cool too! The versatile modular triple-glazed unitised facade system with thermally-insulated slim aluminium composite profiles is what makes it cool, though. And when it’s cold outside? Well, if she ever came to Wandsworth in November, Paris Hilton would definitely describe the thermal efficiency as ‘hot’.

Seriously though, folks, WICONA’s unitised facade is as seamless as the pretence that Wandsworth is cool. Even though Jeff meant Walthamstow.



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