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Sound and strong acoustic stud

A simple new innovation for partitions in hotels, student halls and change of use projects, Siniat’s Resilient Acoustic Stud is the only product of its type in the world

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The sound insulation of any partition is governed by three factors:

  • The air gap between the two surfaces of a partition
  • The mass of the two surface boards
  • The amount of connection between the two faces

A traditional metal C-stud gives a partition structural and impact strength, but it actively transmits airborne and impact sounds from one face of a partition to another. To overcome this, designers need to specify a twin frame partition or a traditional single frame with multiple boards at each side or add additional components such as a resilient bar.

In contrast, Siniat’s new Resilient Acoustic Stud (RAS) has a resilient shear-resistant material sandwiched between two metal profiles, which provides acoustic and thermal break properties, preventing airborne and impact sound from passing through separating walls.

It achieves 58 Rw (-6Ctr) in laboratory testing, providing at least 43 DnTw + Ctr on site. This meets the performance requirements for Part E: Rooms for Residential Purposes and Part E: Change of Use and has the following benefits:

  • A 17mm thinner partition
  • A simpler design using less material
  • Up to 50% quicker installation time than the traditional Resilient Bar System method
  • Student accommodation with Siniat's Resilient Acoustic Stud
    Student accommodation with Siniat's Resilient Acoustic Stud
  • Siniat's Resilient Acoustic Stud sound and thermal partitions
    Siniat's Resilient Acoustic Stud sound and thermal partitions
  • Siniat's Resilient Acoustic Stud sound and thermal partitions
    Siniat's Resilient Acoustic Stud sound and thermal partitions

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