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Floors, fittings and chairs – ideas for interiors fitouts

Jan-Carlos Kucharek

Dreamy, imaginative interiors depend on the right procurement choices. Here is our latest selection to inspire you

Sportsline flooring, Forbo
‘Hello, and welcome to The Great British Dig, where we rip up punters’ gardens for a furtle about. This week we’re in Oswaldtwistle, in the grounds of Stockley’s Sweets Peardrop Academy, where pupils playing netball on a soggy Tuesday recently unearthed this amazing ancient vinyl sheet. The mysterious forms drawn on it are even puzzling teachers, so we’ve brought in experts from the Gettowtter Games Institute to tell us what they might mean – though they think they’re called ‘(p)ley lines’. As for the vinyl, looks good as new doesn’t it?’


Resin and cement tiling, Ceramiche Caesar
‘So hey everybody, welcome back to my channel! Guys, I’ve got to tell you I just love love LOVE this new shopping destination here in South Korea, and Covid or no Covid (full disclosure: loadsa Covid), I just had to be here! Brands are amazing, and will you look at that paving! There’s metal effect “Relate Flame” in “Veil”, stone effect “Portraits” in “Versilia”, “Shapes of Italy” in Sestriere, and cement effect “Join” in “Manor”. That’s 246,000m² of very cool resin and cement! This is a sponsored post, guys, don’t forget to like and share!’


LH-42 café chair, Luke Hughes
Here at Theatre d’Absurd, our socially distanced auditorium is a hit. Outmoded, inflexible Victorian furniture and fittings are gone, and existential angst is brought front of house via handsome new stackable chairs. With sturdy European oak frames and a choice of solid, veneered, upholstered or coloured seats, our first show consists of the audience trying to choose a chair and organise themselves into sitting down. We have yet to sell a ticket, but are quite content just to gaze at our beautiful Arts Council chairs. These three? The human condition, right there.


D-Neo sanitaryware and fittings, Duravit
‘Have you ever had a dream Neo that you felt so sure was real?’
‘Well, to be honest with you, Larry Morpheus, I’ve never had a dream Neo – real or otherwise! But this one will do nicely, thank you. I like how you’ve put the mirrored cabinet I’ll need for nipping into the real world conveniently over the basin where I’ll be flushing those unwanted blue pills. Fabulous functional design, from a Matrix user’s POV at least. If I actually believed in dreams and whatnot, my dream D-Neo would probably look a lot like this.’ 



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