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Wonderful ways to wash and things: Kitchen and bathroom product picks

Claire Leavey

Baths, towel rails, kitchen packs and sleek herringbone floors to put it all on… PiP’s kitchen and bathroom selections from Havwoods, Blanco, Duravit and MHS

Lara towel rail

Evening, all. PC Dixon of Dock Green here. Now, I’m sure on the face of it this looks like a perfectly normal towel rail. But this is the Lara towel rail. It’s 530mm wide, with 30mm vertical collectors and 25mm horizontals. It comes in six lengths, and varying outputs. Most importantly, though, it comes in central heating, dual fuel and electric-only options. So having a towel rail doesn’t always mean getting into hot water.
And finishes? Well, there’s a question. There’s ‘Polished’, ‘Satin’, ‘Antique Brass’ – and Antique Copper. Which is me, George Dixon, signing off. 


Soleil by Starck

Dear Mr Starck,
Mummy says thank you for her lemon alien, and I want to be a designer when I grow up like you. And thank you for Daddy’s mega yacht which Mummy and me have never seen but I am sure we will when he comes home and I will meet him one day.
I have bubbles in your lovely mineral and resin Soleil bath every night and Mummy also said that she wishes daddies were as durable, stable and slip-resistant as your big DuraSolid bath is, and that marriages were as easily repairable.


Unit kitchen packs

Ronnie looks up from his computer, nervous: ‘Boss?’
‘Sup, Ronnie boy?’
‘We’ve had a complaint. The client says there’s bits missing from their Unit pack.’
‘Bits missing? Nonsense! Each Blanco pack is made up to their exact specification. Sinks, taps, in-cabinet waste sorting system – and you know, Ron: the iterations of all those lines are so blimmin’ complicated that we double check it every time!’
‘Yeah.’ Ron draws air through his teeth and shakes his head.
‘They’re saying there’s no fridge.’
‘Course there’s no fridge!’
‘OK, yeah. That’s pony! We’re wet goods – not white goods!’


European Oak Herringbone boards

Vladimir: Well I hope he doesn’t turn up.
Estragon: What? Who?
Vladimir: Godot.
Estragon: Godot! Oh! I’d forgotten him!
Vladimir: Well then let’s. Forget him, I mean. They chopped the tree down, you know. 
Estragon: The tree? It was dead anyway.
Vladimir: It was. But it turns out European oak makes fantastic engineered flooring. This place has really improved, don’t you think? (Gets down on all fours and peers at the boards). Fourteen and a half millimetres thick, with a 3mm wear layer. Very good. Very good indeed! We’re staying, Gogo. Put the kettle on – and get those boots off!



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