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Plants, colour and drawings enliven site wall

Edible Avenue

The Edible Bus Stop for Vinci St Modwen, New Covent Garden Market, London

Massive redevelopment is not much fun to live next to. Alongside New Covent Garden Market housing estate residents face a 1km long, 3m tall imposing boundary wall topped with razor wire.  Commissioned by Vinci St Modwen, which is developing a massive plan across the market site, the landscape architect Edible Bus Stop drew on the horticultural heritage of the area to bring the wall to life.

Along the wall solid blocks of eight different colours build up a pattern and a continuous white line traverses it, turning itself into little drawings – the artist working in consultation with locals. Opposite St George’s Primary School a white picket fence wends its way in and out along the pavement, projecting out to create planters packed with plants and herbs, and pushing back in again to fold out and become a bench.

The hope is for more planting, fencing and seating to be installed over the coming years. 

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