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Hafer Road co-living homes Wandsworth

Peter Barber Architects for Hafer Road Ltd, Wandsworth, London

Hafer Road interior
Hafer Road interior

A collective of families living in eight small leasehold flats in a 1957 block pooled their resources to buy the freehold from the London Borough of Wandsworth in order to regenerate the site and improve and expand their homes, funded by the sale of additional units. Several of the families living in the block have a historical attachment to the site.

Peter Barber Architects worked closely with the residents to the specific needs of the client and their growing families. With frequent meetings and consultations, it was clear that maximising the potential of the site while complementing the surrounding context was essential. 

Hafer Road street party
Hafer Road street party

Designed in a light coloured rustic brick, the apartments are closely linked to neighbouring buildings in massing, scale and materials. Strategic moves to employ a flat roof that allows for an additional floor (following the eaves line of the adjacent buildings) and bringing the build line forward, level with its neighbours, sensitively increased the capacity of the site. The building’s roof line is stepped and notched to give roof gardens which – together with balconies, oriel windows and front gardens – make a picturesque backdrop to the street. The homes are a mixture of courtyard houses with their own street front doors and light apartments above.

Hafer Road demonstrates the benefits of self-build projects. By initiating their own housing schemes the residents have been able to focus on optimising the wellbeing of people and enhancing their living environment. 

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Client Hafer Road Ltd

Architect Peter Barber Architects

Structural engineer Davis Mcguire Whitby

M&E/sustainability engineer Furness Green

Contractor and developer Kuropatwa Ltd

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