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Lode House, Lode

The quality of finish and ambition is an exemplar

Credit: Henry Goss

Henry Goss Architects for Lucy and Nick Wells 

Contract value: £70,000

GIA: 40m²

The architect has given considerable thought to every aspect of this small but exquisitely detailed addition to a house. From mapping sun angles at different times of the day and year to ensure optimal solar gain and shading to organising the most appropriate and economic construction process.

  • Credit: Henry Goss
  • Credit: Henry Goss
  • Credit: Henry Goss

This has given the client an affordable building of exceptional built quality. Avoidance of thermal bridges and integration of the exposed steel frame with the finishes has been done seamlessly. External finishes are a mixture of timber slats and Corten steel panels procured straight from the dock at Harwich.  The quality of finish and ambition in this small project is an exemplar for other home extensions

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